Schönbrunner Schlosspark beim Neptunbrunnen, 1130 Wien

Coffee & Tea

Dearly beloved & traditionally good

Like at our original coffee house, the famous Café Landtmann, you can also count at Landtmann´s Park Café, on the best quality coffee from the long-standing tradition of Meinl. On our coffee house owner´s word of honour! Maybe on a golden autumn day, you´d rather prefer a hot chocolate, and in midsummer, an iced schokoccino or our wonderful Haselnusstraum. (Hazelnut dream). If you prefer tea, we serve a pleasant cup, made from herbs from our own garden, fine blends from Demmers teahouse and - to match the park-theme – beautiful green organic Matcha Latte.

Coffee specialities

A little inspiration for your spirit of adventure

We invite you to experience our more than 20 coffee specialities. For a change try a Mocca, a Melange or one of the others! Of course it will always be traditionally accompanied by a glass of water!

Small Mokka / Brauner € 330

Double Mokka / Brauner G € 330

Double Mokka € 520

Double escresso with milk G € 520

Wiener Melange G € 520

Verlängerter G € 520

Cappuccino F | G € 520

Caffè latte G € 550

Salon Einspänner A | C | G € 550

Cooled Coffee with Milk € 550

Affogato A | C | G € 650

Upon request we serve all our tea specialties with milk or lemon – at no extra charge!

Fruit melange € 470
Refreshing green tea

Assam € 470
Jumbo cup with candy stick

Earl Grey € 470
Jumbo cup with candy stick

BIO Green Majolai € 470
Camomile infusion

Herbal Tea € 470
Jumbo cup with candy stick

Oriental Chai latte G € 520
indian spiced tea, foamed milk, sugar

Organic Matcha Latte € 520
japanese green tea with hot soy milk

Honey € 160

Hot Chocolate € 550
hot chocolate with whipped cream

Something sweet with your coffee?

There are many things to taste here. What can we offer you?

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