Schönbrunner Schlosspark beim Neptunbrunnen, 1130 Wien

Main Dishes

How ravenous are you? No problem!

Already spent half of the day exploring the park? Then it's time to indulge yourself with a nice meal in a cozy atmosphere! Just come in and look forward to a succulent pork Viennese schnitzel. To Berner sausage or spaghetti alla bolognese, which we of course prepare with our own herbs. If you love variety, we recommend a small Indian trip with our lunchbox menu. Two courses served in one go, and each gives strength for the rest of the beautiful day.

Main Course Meals

"Wiener Schnitzel" A | C | M € 1450
Fried escalope of pork with potato salad

Beef goulash A | F | M € 1550
gherkin / handmade roll

Roasted Pasta with Ham A | C | G | L € 1350
with green salad

Landtmann's Original Spinach Quiche A | C | G € 1200
with spinach & feta cheese

Landtmann's Original Spinach salmon Quiche A | C | D | G € 1300
with spinach & salmon

Landtmann's Original Quiche A | C | G € 1300
with paprika, salami & cheese

Landtmann's Original Spinach Quiche A | C | G € 1200
with spinach & sheep's milk cheese

Sliced sugared pancake A | C | G € 950
with stewed plums, apple sauce, with or without raisins
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs